Limited Edition
POST 9/11 DECK OF 52
Businesses & Charities Launched by the Military Community

Throughout history, decks of cards
brought awareness, served as a rally point and galvanized the troops & our nation.

Now, there is a new Bicycle Collectible.
A new generation of
Frontline Leaders.

After traveling across the country on my book tour, I became even more convinced that the military community brings an unmatched currency to our local communities, culture, and economy.

The idea came to me that an interesting way to continue the conversation could be tied to my first deployment.


And, the original 2003 Deck of 52 Most Wanted Iraqi playing cards.

 The post 9/11 Frontline Generation abounds with Frontline Leaders stepping up here at home.

As a spin-off from the 2003 deck, let's flip the script and bring awareness to successful and impactful members of the military community,
and highlight 52 post 9/11 businesses and charities. 

Each card represents a deeper narrative about the
post 9/11 military community
stories about grit, determination, passion, compassion, innovation, and leadership.

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Every branch of service is represented in this deck, along with family members, and Gold Star Families.​

Enlisted to officers, men and women from all walks of life, rising to opportunities and challenges, the front lines of our time.

The cards are embedded with stories, connections to deployments and the home front, and, moreover, offer moments of pain, inspiration, and then purpose.

10 ♦  1’s and 0’s, Helping Veterans Code

3 ♦ 3 Veterans,
3 Petals,
Direct Wages for Afghan Women

7 ♥ 7 Schools
Built for
Afghan Girls

7 ♠ Founder Served in 1 of the 7
Special Forces Groups

K ♦ This King of the Castle Protects What Matters Most

10 ♠ A Pledge
to Hire
10,000 Veterans

9 ♦ Cancer Survivor, Zoe,
Chose this Card

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the 52 by clicking here.


3 ♣ Team 3 SEAL Breaches Success Alongside Military Spouse

8 ♣ SEAL Team 8 Inspired

5 ♦ 5 Months
of Hands-on Training

2 ♥  Every 2.5 Hours, One More Victim in the U.S.

8 ♠ Official Spirit
of a Grateful Nation

10 ♣  In 2010, this Marine & Volunteer Firefighter Developed Advanced Photoluminescent Technology


J♠  Jack of All Trades Masters Construction Efficiency

3  Socially Conscious 3D Printing

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