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It began as a personal memoir for her son. 
It became the first book to define post 9/11 
service and leadership. Be informed and inspired to
live with purpose, live for each other, and lead.
“There is something new to be said—and yet, sometimes all too familiar—
about this generation’s character, sacrifice, and service.”

MARJORIE K. EASTMAN, The Frontline Generation

I could not put this book down. The ‘frontline generation’ is the reason I agreed to serve in 2006 and stayed on in 2009. As I told the men and women that I visited at COPs and FOBs, I came to regard them as though they were my own sons and daughters. The most gratifying single thing to me from my service was learning how many felt I actually had their back—that I truly cared about them as individuals, and made decisions accordingly. I did. Marjorie’s similar caring about her troops comes through on every page.


Former Secretary of Defense, 2006-2011

An often overlooked product of the costly wars since 9/11 has been a generation of thoughtful, selfless young veterans like Marjorie Eastman. Tempered by adversity and driven by a responsibility to serve, they will shape America’s future—and we’ll be the better for it.


U.S. Army, Retired

A generation rises to its moment. An inspiring account of those leading on the frontlines — together — serving with purpose, and for each other.


New York Times bestselling author of Ashley's War and The Dressmaker of Khair Khana

A compelling, personal account on how service fortifies you, and brings us closer together. The quiet undercurrent of this book pushes the reader to recognize how national service could help us become a tribe—and save our nation.


#1 New York Times bestselling author of Tribe, War, & more. Academy Award Nominee for Restrepo.

This book culminates with Marjorie’s deployment as a commander in Afghanistan, a country I know well due to my own time in the military, but more importantly, as a co-founder of a non-profit that has built seven schools for Afghan girls since 2008. The missions her company performed included stability and support efforts—humanitarian determination—which highlight the versatility of America’s military forces today. In the time I have known Marjorie, I have found her to be one of the most outstanding leaders of this great young generation that has served our nation in the last twenty years. She is intelligent, has imagination, and shows great initiative. You will be inspired to find your cape after reading this book, because you will realize, in her own words, ‘people who serve, throughout every generation, capture the true potential for the best in our humanity.’ And it is our humanity that can change the course of history here at home, or in far off lands like Afghanistan.


U.S. Air Force, Retired, Co-founder with his wife Jan, The Lamia Afghan Foundation

Marjorie has successfully led in both the military and business. Now, she is a thought leader in how she describes the value of service.


U.S. Air Force, Retired, Board Chair, Women in Military Service for America Memorial (WIMSA)

Everyone can learn from the resilient men and women who served in uniform. This book captures the remarkable story of those who served post 9/11, emphasizing the character of a generation of service members who overcame unthinkable obstacles and broke boundaries.


U.S. Army National Guard, Retired, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Veteran Services

Several of the stories and personalities in this book remind the reader how service helps transform a person to not only be well-suited to problem-solve as entrepreneurs, but to be bold and forward thinking in how peace can be won on the frontlines.


U.S. Army veteran & co-founder to Combat Flip Flops. U.S. Army veteran & co-founder to Rumi Spice.

Marjorie is the first to bravely define our generation of post 9/11 service members, and she does so with love and accuracy.


U.S. Marine Corps veteran and author of The Sandbox

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2018 Mighty 25 Nation's Top Influencer Supporting the Military Community

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2017 National Independent Publisher Book Award


“This is not just a war story… Equal parts memoir, leadership guide, and social commentary - this book speaks to our generation of veterans the way that few do.”